Meet Our Leadership Team

These experienced professionals define our purpose and drive our mission.

Executive Team

Picture of John Hirabayashi, President/CEO
John Hirabayashi
Picture of Sam Inman, Chief Financial Officer
Sam Inman
Chief Financial Officer
Picture of Jimmy Lovelace , Chief Experience Officer
Jimmy Lovelace
Chief Experience Officer
Picture of Ryan Olson , Chief Lending Officer
Ryan Olson
Chief Lending Officer
Picture of Roger Rassman, Chief Marketing Officer
Roger Rassman
Chief Marketing Officer
Picture of Tim Simpson , Chief Information Officer
Tim Simpson
Chief Information Officer
Picture of Lori Smith, SVP of Human Resources
Lori Smith
Chief Human Resources Officer

Board Of Directors

Community First Credit Union's Board of Directors is made up of elected volunteers who are responsible for establishing policies that are implemented by management and staff. Because the Board of Directors is made up of Community First members, their goal is to always do what is best for the members when making their decisions.
Picture of Lindy Prudencio, Board Chair
Lindy Prudencio
Board Chair
Picture of Ted Willich, Secretary
Ted Willich
Vice Chair
Picture of Bettie Adams, Treasurer
Bettie Adams
Picture of William Permenter, Vice Chair
William Permenter
Picture of Bruce Doueck, Director
Bruce Doueck
Picture of Jim Farah, Director
Jim Farah
Picture of Chantelle Schart, Director
Chantelle Schart
Picture of Dr. Brenda Simmons-Hutchins, Director
Dr. Brenda Simmons-Hutchins
Picture of Elvia Williams, Director
Elvia Williams

Audit Committee

Community First Credit Union of Florida is examined on a regular basis by the State of Florida’s Office of Financial Regulation and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The Internal Audit Department conducts risk-based internal audits in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing as issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors. The Internal Audit Department works with Management in a collaborative manner on each internal audit and communicates the results of each audit to the Audit Committee on a regular basis. The Audit Committee believes all audits, verifications, examinations and compliance reviews accurately reflect the status of the credit union as a well-managed and financially sound financial institution.
Picture of Chantelle Schart
Chantelle Schart
Audit Chair
Picture of Jeff Gleason, CPA, CIA, CISA
Jeff Gleason
Picture of Alan Lovett, CPA, CIA, CISA
Alan Lovett
Picture of Naomi Paulino, CPA
Naomi Paulino
Picture of Sean Thibodaux, CPA
Sean Thibodaux

Community Advisory Council

Dr. Brenda Simmons-Hutchins, Board Liaison Kimberly Allen Marice Hague Robert Thomas
Marcus Isom, Jr., Chair Katie Bakewell Teresa Nichols Bruce Warner
  Vanessa Givens John Shaw  
  Joseph Grant, Jr. Clay Smithers